Welcome to the Center for the Advancement of the Enterprise Architecture Profession

CAEAP seeks to be the organization responsible for the Enterprise Architecture Profession. In this capacity, CAEAP acts as the primary advocate for the Profession, addressing the public at large, enterprises the Profession serves, and the Profession itself, to which Enterprise Architects belong through their practice.

CAEAP promotes the professional status of Enterprise Architects and works to ensure the legitimacy of the Profession by distinguishing it from other professions and from non-professionals. CAEAP is the public face of the Profession and is further charged with maintaining its consistent view towards the public, enterprises, and its professional members. The aim is:

  • Sustainability of the profession
  • Create brand recognition for the profession
  • Deliver consistency through accreditation
  • Support professional autonomy
  • AND provide answers for the public . . .
    • Clarify in the public eye as to what a professional EA contributes
    • Ensure the public’s trust in EA as a profession
    • Assure the public they’re dealing with a competent EA professional


  • Become the advocacy organization that is responsible for determining ethical behavior within the profession of enterprise architecture.
  • Provide access and maintain the standards of education and experience that are necessary conditions for professional competency and entry into the profession of enterprise architecture.
  • Determine the level of regulatory self governance for the profession of enterprise architecture that provides professional guidance higher than those established by general law.
  • Define and enforce professional rules and standards for enterprise architecture that are necessary to protect and benefit the public.
  • Disciplinary action for the profession of enterprise architecture that includes public reporting and, if necessary, expulsion from registrations should the ethics, rules, and standards not be observed or if work is not finished in a professional manner.
  • Ensure that there is fair and open competition within the profession of enterprise architecture.
  • Provide the consistent leadership required for public acceptance of the enterprise architecture profession.

Core CAEAP Values:
• Integrity,
• Leadership,
• Excellence, and
• Ethical Behavior

————- Volunteer Membership ———

Membership is free. To become a member, read and sign the Enterprise Architect’s Professional Oath.

The Enterprise Architect’s Professional Oath is a social contract for moral behavior, commitment towards the community, and mutual obligation among members and the Enterprise Architecture profession itself. The Oath is a guideline for shaping the behavior of Enterprise Architect professionals and for stating consequences of misbehavior.

The CAEAP will monitor compliance, establish protocols for due process to review infractions, and administer sanctions as appropriate and necessary.

NOTE: The Oath is one of the eight infrastructure pillars of the profession. In order to further legitimize professionalization, the CAEAP will endorse a code of conduct and provide oversight to its adherence.


As a member of CAEAP, you will be recognized and acknowledged by colleagues and professional leaders with whom you work.

Serving as a member can be a tremendous learning opportunity – assuming a leadership role requires one to develop a broader scope.

The best way to “give back to the profession” is to author articles and presentations, or to join one of the association’s existing work streams to exchange ideas, expertise, and best practices.

At CAEAP, you will have access to peers with similar professional backgrounds and resources, such as our peer-reviewed journal, books, conferences, and seminars.

Of course, all of the above can help advance your career – sharing knowledge, accelerated learning about EA, greater visibility, networking and relationships.

CAEAP is the only pure advocacy group for the Enterprise Architecture Profession. Some of the activities include the signing of an oath on the ethical considerations of an enterprise architecture professional, eventual recognition of professional status through accreditation of educational providers, and a declaration of our independence as enterprise architecture professionals (in the same way that lawyers, doctors, and CPAs are). At the current time there are no membership dues or costs associated with membership. See our FAQ

CAEAP Brochure


We are. . . you and me, the professionals! Sign the Enterprise Architect’s Professional Oath AND the Enterprise Architecture Doctrine.

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